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We created  because we understand  that providing insightful and engaging information in the client’s language of choice is critical to helping you build a long lasting relationship. And is the only website in the industry to feature financial calculators in both English and Spanish.

What’s important to you – protecting your loved ones from a loss, funding a child’s education, or enjoying a secure retirement  surrounded by family – is what is important to your clients. By understanding their needs, we can better help you provide meaningful solutions to the people and businesses that make up your community.


Chinese American Business Owner Study

MassMutual understands the unique needs of each cultural community. That's why we commissioned a nationwide study to uncover specific challenges Chinese business owners are facing today. These insights help MassMutual better serve the Chinese community as it strives to achieve their American dream.

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MassMutual Agency managers from the Los Angeles area, Brian Lee (L), Grant Frasier (R) and Marketing Director Amy Chen.

Chinese Moon Festival Client Appreciation Gala - Los Angeles, CA

Moon festival is a time to gather and celebrate a prosperous year. Our agency managers, Brian Lee (L) and Grant Fraser (R) in greater Los Angeles, along with Amy Chen, Marketing Director from the MassMutual home office, are celebrating the joyous occasion with their Chinese clients, providing a great opportunity to review their financial health.


Basic Product video: Life Insurance –in-language video for Korean consumers on the value of life insurance.

Life Insurance and its versatility meet various needs the Korean American community seeks.  This bilingual video helps Korean consumers understand the value of this important product in a relevant way.

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Korean Lunar New Year Facebook Post

Lunar New Year is one of the most important cultural holidays for Korean Americans.  MassMutual has been celebrating and participating in this cultural celebration for the past decade through print ads, local events, and social media posts such as this one.

African American

Black History Month Ad

To recognize the significant contribution the African American community has made, MassMutual has been celebrating Black History month by highlighting their legacy and cultural heritage.

National Black MBA Conference

MassMutual believes one of the best ways to serve the community is to recruit from the community who understands the unique needs and values.  Participating in an event like National Black MBA offers a great opportunity to network with and attract top talents to our career agency system. 

Asian Indian

Executive Vice President, Mike Fanning (third from right) at Boston, MA Diwali event


Diwali is one of the most significant cultural events in the Asian Indian community.  To celebrate the occasion with the community, MassMutual's executive vice president, Mike Fanning (3rd from right), along with Governor Deval Patrick (2nd from right) participate at a Diwali event in Boston, Massachusetts.

Asian Indian Consumer Television Commercial

Recognizing the Asian Indian community is growing and prospering in America, our research indicated that the community is conflicted with different financial priorities.   MassMutual's Asian Indian TV commercial depicts a working mother juggling multiple priorities in her life and emphasizes how MassMutual can help.

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