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Na Gao, Hartford/Springfield Agency

“I love the satisfaction of helping my clients identify their goals and overcome obstacles. By providing them with recommendations on strategies and products, I can set them on the path to greater financial security and personal well-being.”

Mary Lucas Atwood ChFC, CLU, ChSNC, CFBS: Sales Manager

“I needed more than just a job. I needed flexibility, an income, passion and purpose to shoulder the sudden emotional and financial responsibility of supporting my young children and my husband who had been diagnosed with a serious form of cancer.  A career in financial services was the best decision I ever made! Thanks to passion, drive and hard work, I can work my business around my life and get paid what I’m truly worth. I love having the ability to impact the lives of others. MassMutual’s mutual environment insures that decisions are customer-centric, plus the flexible business model allows me to act in my clients’ best interests.”